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About Us

We are a Intuitive healer, specializing in natural healing using alternative modalities for all species of animals.

Our pets are emotional beings much like us, they feel all the same emotions that humans experience and can “hold” those emotions in their body which can result in a manifestation of physical and/or behavioral symptoms. Adrienne works with people who want or long for a deeper understanding and connection with their pets. Adrienne’s approach to healing and understanding comes from a place where your pet receives full and individual attention which focuses solely on your pet’s energy, providing the best results.


Certified Equine Sports Therapist through The BC College of Equine Sport Therapy.

Animal Communication

In a session I will connect energetically with your pet and information is directly passed to me. I can hear their words, feel their emotions and feel pain in areas of their body. I listen and document what is said as they say it and help express what they wish to relay to their family. If you have specific questions or concerns, I will address them accordingly in the session as well. You will receive a copy of this documented conversation via email after the completion of my session with your pet.

Saddle Fitting

A improper fitting saddle can cause many physical and behavioural issues for your horse. An assessment of saddle and of saddle fit to your horse with and without rider is performed in this session.

Magnet Therapy

Magnets are a very useful in assisting in the body to heal from surgery, muscle tension, ligament and tendons injuries, inflammation in joints.

Equine Massage

A full body or customized massage with benefit of aromatherapy and energy work.

Meet Our Team

Adrienne Newman

Adrienne specializes in pet wellness and uses a holistic approach to determine the root of physical, emotional or behavioral issues that your pet may be experiencing. She understands that just like us, our pets require a balance, both in mind and body to maintain wellness.

Pet Care

British Columbia, Canada


+1 (250) 558-7461

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